Available data repository conditions

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Available Data repository conditions

The table below contain all possible Data metadata query conditions that can be using within the SMW query style. See more at Web APIs on how to include these conditions in an API query.

Condition Definition
Data:+ Notice: Always use this condition to ensure you are querying the data metadata database. Within the Data repo, select all records (+); or replace + by a dataset name to select data of a specific dataset. CSDMS has grouped all data in a separate Namepace, named "Data".
Upload image dataset Image, graphically illustrating the dataset
Caption dataset image Describing the image of the dataset
One-line data description Short dataset description
Extended data description Extended dataset description
Data type Indicate in which category the dataset will fit best
Data origin Indicate the origin of the data
Data format Indicate in what format the data can be obtained
Other data format Indicate additional formats
Data resolution Indicate spatial data resolution
Data projection Indicate that data projection the dataset has
Data spatial coverage What is the spatial coverage of the data
Data temporal coverage For the temporal domain, is the presented data a time series, snap shot or time average?
Data time period covered Indicate what temporal period is covered by the dataset
Data download link Provide the URL of where the data can be downloaded
Data source link Provide a URL to the data description (if any)
Key references dataset Indicate one or more references that describe the dataset