2020 CSDMS meeting-015

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"3) Ecological Network Analysis" is not in the list (1) Deep Neural Network, Part I, 2) GCAM and Demeter, 3) Ecological Network Analysis/EcoNet, 4) Landlab, 5) Google Earth Engine, 6) Will not attend a clinic) of allowed values for the "CSDMS meeting select clinics2 2020" property.

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In Memory of Adrian Dahood-Fritz (1979-2019)

Kim de Mutsert, George Mason University WOODBRIDGE Virginia, United States. kdemutse@gmu.edu

Conservation biologist, modeler, blogger, nature photographer, animal friend, swing dancer, Ecopathologist… All these describe Adrian Dahood, who tragically lost her life along with 33 others in a diving boat fire off the coast of California. She will be remembered fondly, and her legacy as a scientist and policy expert will remain alive within the scientific community. Please check out her photos, blogs, postcards and scientific papers, and I hope she can bring a smile to your face as well.