CSDMS meeting 2020

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Presentations and more of the CSDMS 2020 virtual annual meeting

CSDMS 2020: Linking Ecosphere and Geospheres

May 20-21th 2020 virtual in Boulder Colorado, USA

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Thank You

Due to COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions, we had to have our meeting, CSDMS2020 – Linking Ecosphere and Geosphere meeting virtual. So, many thanks for your patience and flexibility to make this work!

This year, the meeting was co-convened with the International Society for Ecological Modeling, and an important aim of the meeting was to explore connections between ecosystems and earth-surface processes such as erosion, sedimentation, soil dynamics, and landscape/seascape evolution. We hope everybody enjoyed the meeting as much as we did. On behalf of CSDMS, we thank the Keynote Speakers, Clinic Leaders, Session Chairs, members of the Executive and Steering Committees, and every participant who helped to make this a productive and successful virtual meeting.

Below you can find most presentation abstracts and recordings.


Click here to view the final agenda.

Keynote talks

PresenterTitle and links to additional material and recordings
Bonan, Gordon Reinventing Nature: Environmental Stewardship in the Age of Earth System Models
Brückner, Muriel Modelling the effects of dynamic saltmarsh and microphytobenthos growth on the large-scale morphology of estuaries
Dietze, Michael 21st Century Science For 21st Century Environmental Decision Making: The Challenges And Opportunities Of Near-Term Iterative Environmental Forecasting
Istanbulluoglu, Erkan Ecosystem processes and landscape evolution
Lyons, Nathan Life in Landscape Evolution Models: Investigations of Climate and Tectonics as Drivers of Biological Evolution
Murray, Brad Opening of the CSDMS 2020 virtual annual meeting
Pierce, Suzanne Recent lessons from data- and model-driven DSS in the wicked, wild world
Reeves, Ian Impacts of Seagrass Dynamics on the Coupled Long‐Term Evolution of Barrier‐Marsh‐Bay Systems
Sullivan, Pamela Are rate changes in biotic processes altering subsurface hydrologic partitioning in the Anthropocene?
Tucker, Greg Modeling geosphere and biosphere: opportunities, growing pains, and resources
Ulanowicz, Robert Process Ecology: A Step beyond Physics


PresenterTitle and links to additional material and recordings
Buscombe, Daniel Part I: Landcover and landform classification using deep neural networks
Buscombe, Daniel Part II: Landcover and landform classification using deep neural networks
Hutton, Eric Part I: Exploring Surface Processes using CSDMS Tools: How to Build Coupled Models
Hutton, Eric Part II: Exploring Surface Processes using CSDMS Tools: How to Build Coupled Models
Kazanci, Caner Ecological Network Analysis/EcoNet
Swartz, John Exploring surface processes and landscape connectivity through high-resolution topography: integration of high resolution data in numerical modeling
de Mutsert, Kim Introduction to Ecopath with Ecosim

Poster Abstracts

NameAbstract title postersPoster
Afolabi, Matthew Morphodynamic modelling of the evolution of Niger Delta of Nigeria
Ariagno, Coline Variability in regolith characteristics as a proxy to model the seasonal evolution of the Draix CZO badland catchments.
Best, Kelsea An Agent-Based Model of Migration and Drought-Induced Crop Loss in Bangladesh
Campforts, Benjamin To slide or not to slide: Explicit integration of landslides and sediment dynamics in a landscape evolution model
Clark, Miles Assessing the influence of wood on stochastic sediment transport theory
Gabel, Vanessa Incision across a lithologic boundary: A Landlab-built model with applications to High Plains evolution
Istanbulluoglu, Erkan Transient semi arid ecosystem dynamics using Landlab ecohydrology models
Penprase, Shanti Isolating tributary response to glacial–interglacial cycling in the upper Mississippi River watershed
Sherwood, Christopher Unique Coastal Habitats formed by Sound-side Inundation of a Barrier Island
Wang, Pei-Ling Quantifying Land-Use Impacts on SOC, Soil Texture, and Bulk Density and simulating Global Human-Induced Soil Degradation from 850 to 2015
Zeigler, Sara Predicted sea-level rise-driven biogeomorphic changes on Fire Island, New York: implications for people and plovers
de Mutsert, Kim In Memory of Adrian Dahood-Fritz (1979-2019)