2020 CSDMS meeting-016


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Morphodynamic modelling of the evolution of Niger Delta of Nigeria

Matthew Afolabi, University of Southampton SOUTHAMPTON , United Kingdom. adeemath007@gmail.com

Delta integrity is a function of adequate fluvial sediment supply since the form at the shoreline is the result interaction between fluvial and basinal processes. Globally, sediment supply to river deltas has been on the decline. Specifically, present sediment supply to the Niger Delta is less than what is required for a sustained growth. Anthropogenic intervention in the lower Niger Basin and within the delta is the main control of the decrease in sediment supply. Changes in shore form is a main consequence of shifting volume of sediment supply in the Niger Delta region. This study attempts a morphodynamic analysis of shoreline changes along the Niger Delta using recent high resolution remote sensing techniques within the Google Earth Engine Platform. Attempt will also be made to characterise the spatial or temporal variability in shoreline dynamics along the Niger Delta with a view to establish the drivers of change. The study will also attempt to model the future evolution of the Niger Delta given present forcing scenarios. The research is within the overall framework of ensuring a sustainable development within the Niger Delta coastal zone in order to preserve its huge economic and ecological potentials for future generation.