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Why couple models

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Earth science questions often are not just about one specific process or domain. There are complex interactions and connections between different processes that you may want to explore. Models are often designed by experts on one set of processes or on one domain; coupling of models allows you to connect your model to other detailed models to form new connections and then address new science questions.

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About WMT


The CSDMS Web Modeling Tool (WMT) is the web-based successor to the desktop CSDMS Modeling Tool (CMT). WMT provides a user-friendly interface to the CSDMS supercomputer that allows users to run components from the CSDMS model repository in standalone mode, or couple them with other components to create new models. WMT runs on any device with a web browser: a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or even a mobile phone. WMT offers users a simple visual technique for performing surface dynamics model experiments on a supercomputer.


Add a model to WMT


CSDMS software engineers have already wrapped several models to be components in WMT, but you can help make your own model as ready as can be. Here are instructions for getting your model into WMT faster.