WMT add model


Add your model/module to the CSDMS Web Modeling Tool (WMT)

The CSDMS Web Modeling Tool (WMT) provides a quick and easy way to run a model on the CSDMS HPCC. Please follow the steps below if you would like to see a model incorporated in the WMT:


  1. A model questionnaire needs to be filled out to provide basic model information. The source code needs to be available, either through the CSDMS model repository or made available through a 24/7 publicly accessible website.
  2. Input file(s) need to be made available together with the source code such that they can be used as an example within the WMT tool.
  3. Make sure your model is written in one or more of the following languages:
    • C
    • C++
    • Fortran (all years)
    • Java
    • Python
  4. Implement a Basic Model Interface (BMI) to your model
  5. Use Standard Names that map input and output variable names.


  1. Define model Accessors and Mutators to be able to couple the model.
  2. The ability to compile code as a shared library.
  3. Refactor source code to have an IRF interface.
  4. Output file(s) so the CSDMS staff can thoroughly test and rule out any errors due to the implementation into WMT.