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31 October 2023

  • 14:4914:49, 31 October 2023 diff hist +30 Model:ATS (The Advanced Terrestrial Simulator)No edit summary
  • 14:4714:47, 31 October 2023 diff hist +3,606 N Model:ATS (The Advanced Terrestrial Simulator)Created page with "{{Model identity |Model also known as=Arctic Terrestrial Simulator |ModelFramework=Amanzi |Model type=Single }} {{Start models incorporated}} {{End a table}} {{Model identity2 |ModelDomain=Terrestrial, Hydrology, Cryosphere |Spatial dimensions=1D, 1.5D, 2D, 3D |Spatialscale=Landscape-Scale, Watershed-Scale, Reach-Scale, Patch-Scale, Grain-Scale, Point-Based |One-line model description=The Advanced Terrestrial Simulator (formerly sometimes known as the Arctic Terrestrial..."
  • 14:3314:33, 31 October 2023 diff hist +433 N User:PshuaiCreated page with "{{Signup information member |First name member=Pin |Last name member=Shuai |Institute member=Utah State University |City member=Logan |Country member=United States |State member=Utah |Confirm email |Working group member=Terrestrial Working Group, Hydrology Focus Research Group, Human Dimensions Focus Research Group |Emaillist group member=yes |Memberagreement=I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy }}" current