Author(s) Mohanty, M.; Sinha, Nishant K.; Somasundaram, J.; McDermid, Sonali S.; Patra, Ashok K.; Singh, Muneshwar; Dwivedi, A.K.; Reddy, K. Sammi; Rao, Ch. Srinivas; Prabhakar, M.; Hati, K.M.; Jha, P.; Singh, R.K.; Chaudhary, R.S.; Kumar, Soora Naresh; Tripathi, Prabhat; Dalal, Ram C.; Gaydon, Donald S.; Chaudhari, S.K.;
BibType journalArticle
Title Soil carbon sequestration potential in a Vertisol in central India- results from a 43-year long-term experiment and APSIM modeling
Year 2020-09-01
Journal Agricultural Systems
Volume 184
Pages 102906
DOI 10.1016/j.agsy.2020.102906
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