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Submit your model source code

Yes!, you are about to submit your source code to the CSDMS repository. You can do that in three easy steps:
  1. Choose a license for your model
  2. Fill out a model questionnaire
  3. Zip / tar your source code and email the compressed file to: CSDMSsupport@colorado.edu


  1. Implement a Basic Model Interface (BMI) to your model
  2. Use CSDMS Standard Names that map input and output variable names.

Make your model a WMT component

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This would be our ultimate goal, to get all the available models listed in the model repository ready to plug and play in the WMT. You can help us with that by following the these steps. The more you get done the faster your model will appear in the WMT.

Provide Educational material (EKT)

Share your educational material. CSDMS has a EKT repository ready to be filled with your material! Please provide movies or model animations, labs, lectures, textbooks or earth surface images so other people can use them.

Contribute data


Ready to submit your data to the data repository? Please complete first this metadata form. Then zip or tar your files and email them to CSDMSsupport@colorado.edu. We will make sure that they will appear in the data repository.

Thank you!

Edit the CSDMS wiki

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This would be a good start to look if you want to make changes to the website.


Participate in meetings

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The CSDMS website is listing meetings that might be important for the community as well as the CSDMS working group or focus research group meetings.
Find out when there is a meeting and participate.


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We welcome your feedback on the beta version of the CSDMS wiki website. Please feel free to provide us with additional content and ideas by sending an email to: CSDMSweb@colorado.edu.

Thank you!