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  • A series of short-term (1-2 yr) objectives outlined in the CSDMS Strategic Plan, including:
    • Developing a set of models that can be coupled via BMI.
      • A BMI version of SWAN was developed and provided in 2013 via GitHub ( There are currently no plans to integrate this version back into the main SWAN development line of Delft University, however.
      • Deltares is actively working on the development of a new hydro-morphodynamic engine Delft3D-FLOW Flexible Mesh, which is to be released in open source later this year. That version will include a BMI compatible interface, and other components will likely follow over time. However, project context to raise priority at Deltares for the development of a BMI interface for the current structured grid Delft3D-FLOW engine is currently lacking.
      • Marine working group called for an atmospheric / wind model. No update.
      • Patricia Wiberg (University of Virginia) has worked to add some tools to the CSDMS model repository to enable calculations of wave orbital velocity, surface wave characteristics, and bed shear stress.
    • Providing a hydrodynamic model to the CSDMS that is easier to use. An idealized continental shelf model has been provided that uses ROMS (the Regional Ocean Modeling System) to calculate hydrodynamics, salinity, and sediment transport fields for a planar-shaped continental shelf onto which a freshwater plume flows. A pre-compiled version of the model, with necessary input files, has been ported to the CSDMS computer, beach. We are calling this implementation “riverplume2”, or “ROMS-LITE”. Working with the EKT group, members of the Marine Working Group are developing lesson plans appropriate for a graduate level course.
    • Incorporating (wrapping in a BMI) a finite-element model (needs a champion). No update.
  • The Marine Working Group has also discussed model intercomparison projects.
    • Examples of large, funded, model intercomparisons have been seen where the studies yielded interesting results and took advantage of quantitative metrics for skill assessment, and tools such as being developed within IOOS (the Integrated Ocean Observing System).
    • A true model intercomparison effort would require proposals, but other avenues for highlighting the potential of the various models exist including special journal volumes and special sessions at relevant conferences.
  • Summary of Marine Working Group Resources:
    • The repository currently lists fifty-one marine models and 5 marine modeling tools.
    • Models that have BMIs and are allied with Marine Working Group interests including [[Model:SWAN|SWAN], SedFlux, OceanWaves, CEM, ROMS-Lite.

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