HPCCprojects:Vortex pairs interacting with density interface


Vortex pairs interacting with density interface

Project description

The dynamics of vortex flows in uniform density are reasonably well observed. But the impact of them on a boundary surface of fluids with different densities is also of interest. In this project, the impact of a vortex pair on a density interface is investigated. When the vortex pair approaches to the interface, counterrotating vorticity develops at the interface. For high density differences, the interaction of the vortex pair with the density interface is comparable to the interaction with a solid wall. If the density difference of the fluids is smaller, the vortex pair penetrates the interface. The ratio between the strength of the density difference and the vortex strength and the angle at which the vorticies approach the interface are varied. The effect of changing the viscosity (Reynolds number) will also be examined.


• Understanding the interaction of a vortex pair with a density interface


Start: April 2015

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Christina Schmitt


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