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Provide a brief description of what your project is all about The project is to understand the role of the Ganges evolution in the development of the Varanasi city. Since the city is situated along the banks of river Ganges, the fluvial geomorphology plays a significant role in controlling the stratigraphy of the city. I would like to understand the role of processes (climate/tectonic) which controls the Ganges evolution (especially Ganges avulsion).


List the main objectives of your project Application of geoscientific methods to delineate the extent of growth phases of Varanasi civilization Understanding the effect of evolution of the Gangetic plain in the development and sustenance of Varanasi Integration of these past information in understanding the future growth of the city


Provide (estimated) start date & end date, etc July, 2014- July, 2017

Models in use

Information about models / software you use Currently, I am using ARC GIS to make Digital Elevation Model of Varanasi. I would like to make a surface based model that will provide the information regarding tectonic activities in the region. I have done few literature survey and came to know about the Landscape Evolution Model, River Avulsion Model etc. I believe these models will initially help me to construct the geomorphological/geological history of the region.


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