HPCCprojects:River plumes in ecuadorian coast


River plumes in ecuadorian coast

Project description

the project is focused in understand of the effect of river plumes in ecosystems of ecuadorian coast. A lot of nutrients are carried out by rivers to the marine-coastal ecosystems, some of them affecting the marine reserves in the coast. Moreover, the Humboldt current is present in the south of the coast also carrying out a lot of nutrients. The interaction between the Humboldt current and the river plumes is poorly understood, the focus of this project is try to quantify this interaction.


To understood the interaction between Humboldt current with river plumes in ecuadorian coast


Start date June 1, 2015 & July 15, 2016

Models in use

Actually we are working with ROMS and also with MOHID, however we want use ADCIRC


River Plumes in Esmeraldas River, Guayas River and Bahia de Caraquez. And 20 sites alton the coast with estuarine characteristics.


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The project is funding by Secretaria del Mar, as an investment project from Ecuadorian Government

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