HPCCprojects:Examining the landscape of the lower Chanduy Valley, Ecuador


Examining the landscape of the lower Chanduy Valley, Ecuador

Project description

Archaeological research in southwest Ecuador over the last 50 years has revealed the underpinnings and life ways of the Valdivia culture. Research in the 1970’s and 1980’s focused on full-scale site excavations, but also in identifying regional site distributions. Research has demonstrated that Valdivia sites are riverine-oriented, often located in or near floodplains. This project aims to analyze a localized area in southwest Ecuador known as the Chanduy Valley using geospatial data in order to better understand its social and physical environment.


This project seeks to identify changes to the physical and social environment of the Chanduy Valley from a landscape archaeology prospective. Fieldwork was conducted during July, 2015 in order to collect high-resolution orthomosaic information using a fixed-wing drone. The data will be analyzed in the CHILD landscape model in the CSDMS web modeling tool (WMT) utilizing a high performance computing cluster.


July, 2015 to August, 2016

Models in use



The results of this project will be published in an forthcoming master's thesis.


Chris Blair


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