HPCCprojects:AgrTerrModel: Agricultural Terraces Model


AgrTerrModel: Agricultural Terraces Model

Project description

The AgrTerrModel is a coupled LEM-ABM that improves landscape evolution modeling of terraced regions by including human decisions related to agricultural terraces. The AgrTerrModel also modifies LEM parameters to reflect changes to geomorphic processes by terracing, such as reduced runoff due to increased infiltration on terraces.


1. Improved landscape evolution modeling of terraced regions. 2. Explore the role of human decisions in the evolution of terraced landscapes by coupling an LEM with an ABM.



Models in use

LEM-part of the model is implemented using Landlab, while the ABM-part is based on Mesa library.


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Publications and presentations

2016 Glaubius, J.E. and Maerker, M. Integrating Geomorphic and Social Dynamics in the Analysis of Anthropogenic Landforms: Examining Landscape Evolution of Terrain Modified by Agricultural Terracing. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

2016 Glaubius, J.E. and Cosmopoulos, M. Reconstructing Landscape History of the Iklaina Archaeological Site Using a Coupled LEM-ABM. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

2016 Glaubius, J.E. Applying an agent-based model of agricultural terraces coupled with a landscape evolution model to explore the impact of human decision-making on terraced terrain. European Geosciences Union 2016 General Assembly, Vienna, Austria.

2015 Glaubius, J.E. and Li, X. Coupled Human and Natural Systems: Testing the Impact of Agricultural Terraces on Landscape Evolution. Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System 2015 Annual Meeting, Boulder, CO.

2015 Glaubius, J.E., Li, X., Johnson, W.C. Simulating the Evolution of Terraced Terrain with a Landscape Evolution Model Coupled With an Agent-based Model. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.


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