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Short Description

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Example data product - Seafloor
classification, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Statement: dbSEABED describes the materials and features of the global seafloor.

Abstract: [[Extended data description::dbSEABED is a Database/GIS that deals with the materials and features of the seabed. It holds data describing about 2 million seafloor sites. dbSEABED deals with the grain size textures, strengths and porosities, carbon and carbonate compositions, colors, structural features, and grain components of the seafloor. The scope of dbSEABED is global, from shoreline and continental shelf to the abyssal floor, addressing terrigenous-, volcanic- and biogenic-derived materials in their rock and sediment forms.

- The project supplies gridded outputs suitable for use in numerical models. The basic set of gridded parameters is: gravel, sand, mud (%), rock exposure (%), average grainsize and sorting (phi), carbonate (%). A specification of the parameters is given in the usSEABED web pages. dbSEABED uses the Wentworth grain size classification and scale.

A collection of ESRI ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS 9.x legends to this standard is available from this web address: GIS Legends. The format for delivery of gridded data from dbSEABED is the E.S.R.I. ASCII grid format, at finest 0.02 degrees cell size, with WGS 84 datums. The grid extents are grid-centred, i.e. ArcView 3.x format.

Compiled coverages:

AreaDescriptionData example
East Asian Seas Details: ncols 900; nrows 1000; cellsize 0.05; NODATA_value -99; generated 27 Feb 2012
Gridded coverage for Bottom-Type Dominances
Adriatic Sea This coverage served as a test-bed for gridding software and to support the EUROSTRATAFORM initiative. Details: ncols 386; nrows 286; xllcorner 12.0; yllcorner 40.2; cellsize 0.02; NODATA_value -99
Bottom-type Dominances
Northern Gulf of Mexico ('GMF') The development of this coverage was funded by the USGS and Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission. Details: ncols 891; nrows 383; xllcorner -98.19; yllcorner 23.36; cellsize 0.02; NODATA_value -99; dateline 2008
Point-data distribution


Data format

Data type: Substrates
Data origin: Measured
Data format: ASCII
Other format: ESRI grid
Data resolution: Usually 0.02 deg
Datum: WGS84

Data Coverage

Spatial data coverage: Global point source measurements
Temporal data coverage: Time averaged
Time period covered:


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