Community products


What CSDMS and the community has to offer

For users


Surface dynamics models are at the core of CSDMS. All community models that we list in the CSDMS repository are open source and as such can be downloaded and used. Find the right model for your research


CSDMS has collected and developed educational material of numerical modeling over the years. This ranges from a collection of animations, to labs, lectures and textbook examples and even Science on a Sphere material. So start browsing the educational repository.


All models need input or validation datasets. CSDMS wants to help modelers finding the data sets they need to do their research. Here are the datasets that are described so far.

For developers

Software wrapping standards

CSDMS has developed a simple interface standard called the Basic Model Interface or BMI that makes a plug-and-play model component from an existing numerical model. Software programmers are encouraged to use the BMI. Reed more about how you can implement a BMI at: BMI_Description

Standard Names

Models need to be able to share data in a plug-and-play world. Read more about how to properly implement standard names into your model.

Model tools

CSDMS has invested in making it easier to run and couple models, and even to integrate some of Dakota functionality in its framework. Learn more about these tools here.

Services to its users and developers

HPC access

CSDMS is providing access to the CSDMS High Performance Cluster for all its members. Read more about how to get access to run your model simulations.