Carbonates 2008


NSF Workshop on Community Sedimentary Model for Carbonate Systems, Golden, CO

Date: February 27 to 29, 2008
Location: Golden, Colorado, USA
Agenda: Agenda as pdf
Participants: Workshop participants list as pdf


Budd, Dave What Do We Know - Diagenesis
Hay, Bill Carbonate Fluxes during Earth History
Rankey, Gene What Do We Know - Carbonate Depositional Processes at different time & space scales
Sarg, Rick Welcome, meeting logistics, & workshop introduction
Smart, Peter Forward Modelling of Carbonate Sedimentology and Diagenesis: Current Status and Issues
Syvitski, James The CSDMS Vision-Collaborative Models

Posters and Breakout groups outcomes:

Presented by Title Download
Bernhard Riegl Markov-chains and graphs for linking facies with environments and biology in space and time (Recent Arabian Gulf, Miocene Paratethys) and an ODE-based model of biotically-driven facies dynamics abstract | poster
Andre Droxler Mid-Brunhes First High Amplitude Transgression (s): Platform Top and Shelf Contemporaneous Re-flooding Recorded on the Slopes of Great Bahama Bank and Central Belize Barrier Reef abstract | poster
Benjamin Gill Behavior of Carbonate-Associated Sulfate during Meteoric Diagenesis and Implications for the Sulfur Isotope Paleoproxy abstract | poster
Benjamin Gill The Carbonate Geochemical Fingerprint of an Early Paleozoic OAE abstract
Linda Hinnov The Latemar Controversy in 2008 abstract | poster
Gareth Jones Geothermal Convection at Tengiz: Reactive Transport Models of Predictive Diagenesis and Evidence from the Rocks abstract
Bjarte Hannisdal Organism-sediment interactions: processes, modeling strategies, and challenges abstract
WG1 WG report: Physical Controls on Carbonate Deposition pdf
WG2 WG report: Biologic Controls on Carbonate Deposition pdf
WG3 WG report: Tools/Approaches for Quantifying Controls pdf
WG4 WG report: Modeling Strategies pdf
WG5 WG report: Modeling Diagenesis pdf

Workshop Output: Download here (pdf) the final summary of the white paper.