CSDMS Planning 2002


CSDMS Planning Workshop

Date: February 19 to 22, 2002 Outside 2.jpg
Location: INSTAAR, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Agenda: Agenda as pdf
Goal: Goal of the meeting as pdf


DeLuca, Cecilia Analog IIIb: Earth System Modeling Framework
Drake, Tom Modeling Strategies
Harris, Courtney Clastic Shelves: The Community Sediment Transport Modeling Initiative
Hill, Mary Analog IV: Modflow
Kendall, Chris Carbonate Systems
Kiehl, Jeffrey Analog IIIa: Community Climate System Model Plan (2000 - 2005)
Marshall, Shawn Marshall Analog II: Glaciological Models
Paola, Chris Basin-Filling Models: An Overview
Parker, Gary River Sediment Routing Models
Peckham, Scott Analog I: River Tools from concept to Commercial Success
Syvitski, James Whole Margin Models: SEDFLUX
Tetzlaff, Dan Whole Margin Models: SEDSIM
Tucker, Greg Landscape Evolution Models

Workgroup output

Presented by Title Download
Workgroup II Presentation Working group II (Blueprint) pdf
Workgroup IV Presentation Working group IV (Module Definition) pdf
Workgroup I Presentation Working group I (Space/Time scaling) pdf
Workgroup V Presentation Working group V (Virtual) pdf
Workgroup I Brief report working group I pdf
Workgroup II Brief report working group II
Workgroup IV Brief report working group IV
Workgroup V Brief report working group V
Notes Notes on working group reports pdf

Results A paper was published about the CSDMS (before that named Community Sediment Model) in MARGINS newsletter as a result of this workshop. (See page 8-9 of the pdf document).