Available movie conditions


Available Movie metadata conditions

The table below contain all possible Movie metadata query conditions that can be using within the SMW query style. See more at Web APIs on how to include these conditions in an API query.

Condition Definition
Movie:+ Notice: Always use this condition to ensure you are querying the movie metadata database. Within the Movie repo, select all records (+); or replace + by a movie name to select data of a specific movie. CSDMS has grouped all movies in a separate Namepace, named "Movie".
Movie type Indicate what kind of movie it is (observation in the field, lab experiment, model simulation)
Upload movie The Youtube ID of the movie
Upload image movie An screenshot of the movie
Caption movie Description of the image of the movie
Movie domain Indication of the domain that is shown in the movie (more than one possible)
Movie keywords Keywords describing the movie
First name contributor First name contributor
Last name contributor Given name contributor
Location movie Indication of the location shown in the movie
Timespan movie Temporal scale of the movie
Grade level For what grade level is the movie appropriate (more options possible)
One-line movie description Short description of the movie
Extended movie description Extended description of the movie
Upload image theory Theory shown in the movie
Caption box theory Theory shown in the movie
Theory movie Theory shown in the movie
Movie website if any Website where the movie can be viewed as well