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{{Signup information member
|First name member=ANTHONY
|Last name member=LONGJAS
|Picture member=
|Institute member=St. Anthony Falls Laboratory
|Department member=Civil Engineering
|Postal address 1 member=
|Postal address 2 member=
|City member=Minneapolis
|Postal code member=
|Country member=United States
|State member=Minnesota
|Confirm email member=alongjas@umn.edu
|Work phone member=
|Cell phone member=6127014871
|Fax member=
|Website member=
|Working group member=Hydrology Focus Research Group, Coastal Vulnerability Initiative
|Emaillist group member=yes
|Description of your CSDMS-related interests member=I'm currently working on assessing vulnerability of deltas.

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ANTHONY LONGJAS, website username login: Alongjas

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St. Anthony Falls Laboratory
Civil Engineering
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

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Member of the following CSDMS groups

  • Hydrology Focus Research Group
  • Coastal Vulnerability Initiative

Signed up for the mailing list: yes

CSDMS-related interest

I'm currently working on assessing vulnerability of deltas.