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CSDMS offers several sponsorship opportunities for research and academic organizations. They include:

Focus Research Groups

The CSDMS Focus Research Groups (FRGs) serve a unique subset of our surface dynamics community and are often co-sponsored by one or more related organizations (current FRG sponsors can be viewed here). The FRGs pursue research and educational activities and act as liaisons to other organizations and communities. There are many opportunities for unique and synergistic collaborations. Expectations for sponsoring organizations include appointment of one individual to the FRG Steering Committee, attendance at FRG meetings (remotely) and the CSDMS Annual Meeting in Boulder, Colorado. If you are interested in sponsorship of a CSDMS FRG, please contact us at csdms@colorado.edu to open a discussion.

Annual Meetings

CSDMS convenes an annual meeting each spring in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Each meeting has a unique theme that is open for co-sponsorship. The CSDMS meeting is generally attended by 100-150 participants from academia, government and industry. Sponsorships can be tailored to your unique needs, but generally require your ability to provide participation support for your invited guests, provision of a keynote lecture and clinic, and if desired, participation in the meeting banquet programming. In exchange, you will be listed as a co-sponsor of the meeting in all related communications and your logo will be included on the CSDMS meeting web page, meeting announcements, signage and other materials. If you are interested in sponsorship of a CSDMS Annual Meeting, please contact us at csdms@colorado.edu.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to explore or suggest other sponsorship opportunities, you are encouraged to contact us at csdms@colorado.edu.

Industry Partnerships

Industrial partners have collaborated with and supported CSDMS efforts on various levels since 2007. The following partners have a strong history of financial and in-kind support, research collaboration and support via participation of representatives in various CSDMS committees and groups.

For additional information regarding Industrial Partnerships, please contact us at csdms@colorado.edu.