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References Sedtrans05

Neumeier, Urs; Ferrarin, Christian; Amos, Carl L.; Umgiesser, Georg; Li, Michael Z.; 2008. Sedtrans05: An improved sediment-transport model for continental shelves and coastal waters with a new algorithm for cohesive sediments. Computers & Geosciences, 34, 1223–1242. 10.1016/j.cageo.2008.02.007
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2008Model overview 75
Nokes, Cowan R.; Bostock, Helen C.; Strachan, Lorna J.; Hadfield, Mark G.; 2019. Hydrodynamics and sediment transport on the North Canterbury Shelf, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, , 1–20. 10.1080/00288330.2019.1699584
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2019Model application 4
Villatoro, Monique M.; Amos, Carl L.; Umgiesser, Georg; Ferrarin, Christian; Zaggia, Luca; Thompson, Charlotte E.L.; Are, Daniele; 2010. Sand transport measurements in Chioggia inlet, Venice lagoon: Theory versus observations. Continental Shelf Research, 30, 1000–1018. 10.1016/j.csr.2009.06.008
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2010Model application 13
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