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Author(s) Beselly, S. M.; Grueters, U.; van Der Wegen, M.; Reyns, J.; Dijkstra, J.; Roelvink, D.;
BibType journalArticle
Title Modelling mangrove-mudflat dynamics with a coupled individual-based-hydro-morphodynamic model
Year 2023-11-01
Journal Environmental Modelling & Software
Booktitle None
Volume 169
Pages 105814
DOI 10.1016/j.envsoft.2023.105814
Note Auto downloaded ref at: 2023-09-14

Feature reference Yes
PublicationClusterID 0
MS_PublicationClusterID 0
Semantic_ID 19735b60ff5f75f2dbac231a4eb03db93ed1f752
Nr of citations 0
Sort of publication a module overview describing a module
Sort of model publication a single module
Is the CSDMS HPC used No
If HPC is used, for what project was it?:
Associated simulation movie if any:

Model(s) discussed: DFMFON