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|MS_PublicationClusterID=2514863912 |Semantic_ID=56620c8bdca22df8029171f13bdb67f6ddffdb6d
|PublicationWhatKindOf=a module application description
|PublicationWhatKindOf=a module application description
|PublicationNrofModels=multiple modules that are not coupled
|PublicationNrofModels=multiple modules that are not coupled

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Author(s) Kim, Kyeong Ok; Yuk, Jin-Hee; Choi, Byung Ho;
BibType journalArticle
Title Simulation of Typhoon Bolaven using Integrally Coupled Tide-Surge-Wave Models based on locally Enhanced Fine-Mesh Unstructured Grid System
Year 2016-03-03
Journal Journal of Coastal Research
Volume 75
Pages 1127–1131
DOI 10.2112/SI75-226.1
Note Auto downloaded ref at: 2020-05-05

Feature reference No
PublicationClusterID 0
MS_PublicationClusterID 2514863912
Semantic_ID 56620c8bdca22df8029171f13bdb67f6ddffdb6d
Nr of citations 5
Sort of publication a module application description
Sort of model publication multiple modules that are not coupled
Is the CSDMS HPC used No
If HPC is used, for what project was it?:
Associated simulation movie if any:

Model(s) discussed: ADCIRC
Model(s) discussed: SWAN