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|MS_PublicationClusterID=2767438429 |Semantic_ID=0f0aff960b7aa6306967a215f0a2e41457b72c8d
|PublicationWhatKindOf=a module application description
|PublicationWhatKindOf=a module application description
|PublicationNrofModels=a single module
|PublicationNrofModels=a single module

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Author(s) Rogers, Kimberly G.; Overeem, Irina; Chadwick, Oliver; Passalacqua, Paola;
BibType journalArticle
Title Doomed to drown? Sediment dynamics in the human-controlled floodplains of the active Bengal Delta
Year 2017-11-10
Journal Elem Sci Anth
Volume 5
Pages 66
DOI 10.1525/elementa.250
Note Auto downloaded ref at: 2019-12-31

Feature reference No
PublicationClusterID 15485076580359566909
MS_PublicationClusterID 2767438429
Semantic_ID 0f0aff960b7aa6306967a215f0a2e41457b72c8d
Nr of citations 23
Sort of publication a module application description
Sort of model publication a single module
Is the CSDMS HPC used No
If HPC is used, for what project was it?:
Associated simulation movie if any:

Model(s) discussed: AquaTellUs