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Joint CSDMS-SEN annual meeting 2016: Capturing Climate Change

Interactive Data Analysis with Python (PANDAS)

Monte Lunacek

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, United States

There are many recent additions to Python that make it an excellent programming language for data analysis. This tutorial has two goals. First, we introduce several of the recent Python modules for data analysis. We provide hands-on exercises for manipulating and analyzing data using pandas and scikit-learn. Second, we execute examples using the Jupyter notebook, a web-based interactive development environment that facilitates documentation, sharing, and remote execution. Together these tools create a powerful, new way to approach scientific workflows for data analysis.

Please acknowledge the original contributors when you are using this material. If there are any copyright issues, please let us know ( and we will respond as soon as possible.

Of interest for:
  • Education and Knowledge Transfer (EKT) Working Group
  • Cyberinformatics and Numerics Working Group