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Joint CSDMS-SEN annual meeting 2016: Capturing Climate Change

Modeling coastal processes using OpenFOAM

Zheyu Zhou

University of Delaware, United States
Xiaofeng Liu Penn State United States
Tom Hsu University of Delaware United States

OpenFoamÒ is an open-source computational fluid dynamic platform, built upon a finite-volume framework with Messaging Passing Interface (MPI). In the past decade, OpenFoamÒ has become increasingly popular among researchers who are interested in fluvial and coastal processes. In this clinic, recent progress in developing OpenFoamÒ for several coastal applications will be discussed. In particular, we will focus on three subjects: (1) wave-induced seabed dynamics (pore-pressure response), (2) stratified flow application, particularly laboratory scale river plume modeling, and (3) 3D large-eddy simulation of wave-breaking and suspended sediment transport processes.
In particular, hand-on exercise will be given for 3D large-eddy simulation of wave-breaking processes to illustrate several important insights on how to use OpenFoamÒ to carry out high quality large-eddy simulations. Some cautionary notes and limitations will also be discussed.

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Of interest for:
  • Coastal Working Group
  • Hydrology Focus Research Group