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Get started with WMT

About WMT

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The CSDMS Web Modeling Tool (WMT) allows you to run and couple CSDMS model components through the web in a user-friendly software environment. Components in the WMT are based on models, originally submitted to the CSDMS model repository, and now adapted to communicate with other models.

The WMT tool is the environment in which you can link these components together to run new simulations. The WMT software operates through the web and communicates with the CSDMS HPCC, to perform the simulations.

User requirements

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The CSDMS Web Modeling Tool (WMT) is your way to submit job on the CSDMS supercomputer. Once you start running WMT it will ask for a supercomputer username & password. To set you up on the CSDMS supercomputer you need to follow the 3 steps below.

WMT manuals

What does the WMT software look like and how do you use it? Here we posted a number of links to get you started.

Modules in the WMT

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Over 34 modules out of 403 modules listed in the CSDMS model repository can now be coupled and run in the WMT. See this list for an overview of the WMT compatible models.

WMT modules help pages

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Each of the modules in the WMT has one or more help files describing how to use the module, what each of the input parameters means, and some example files are provided as well. Learn more about a module by reading the help documentation.