Movie:Terrestrial Bedforms

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Information Page: Terrestrial Bedforms

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Flow over Bedforms

Key Attributes

Domain: terrestrial
Keywords: Channel Processes
Model name: 3D Gravity Current Simulations
Name: George, Constantinescu
Where: --
When: Seconds

Short Description

Grade level: Graduate / Professional

Statement: Gravity currents invluenced by bedforms and structures

Abstract: Gravity currents move over different bedform topography, ranging from a flat bed to dunes and ribs. These experiments were conducted to evaluate the capacity of gravity currents to propagate over an array of identical obstacles to entrain sediment from the loose channel bed and to carry it downstream for some distance in the form of a turbidity current.

First you can see how the structure, front velocity, energy balance and sediment entrainment capacity of a compositional gravity current is affected by the presence of the obstacles, and then you can see the effect of the shape and size of the obstacles.




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