Movie:River incision dominated by fault block

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Information Page: River incision dominated by fault block

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Incision in Fault Block Zone

Key Attributes

Domain: terrestrial
Keywords: River Incision
Keywords: Landscape Evolution Model
Model name: CHILD
Name: Greg, Tucker
Where: --
When: --

Short Description

Grade level: Graduate / Professional

Statement: landscape evolution dominated by fault blocks

Abstract: This movie shows a simulation of a pair of normal-fault blocks separated by a vertical fault. The lower left edge is fixed through time, and represents a shallow shelf just below sea level. The inner block of the landscape rises at a steady rate, while the outer block subsides. Initially, the relief and erosion rate are small, and the subsiding basin is underfilled. Notice the progradation of a fan-delta complex. As relief and sediment flux increase, the fan deltas reach the shallow shelf and the basin becomes filled (or "over-filled" , meaning that there is more than enough sediment to keep filling the basin as it continues to subside).




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