Movie:Monthly global precipitation

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Information Page: Monthly global precipitation

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Monthly global precipitation

Key Attributes

Domain: environmental controls
Keywords: Monthly global precipitation
Model name: reanalysis of CCMS
Name: Albert, Kettner
Where: Global
When: -

Short Description

Grade level: High (9-12), Under graduate (13-16), Graduate / Professional

Statement: Simulated global mean monthly precipitation

Abstract: In this animation global precipitation is measured in millimeters and averaged by month for a year. The shift in monthly averaged precipitation due to seasonal changes is apparent as the monsoon season comes to Western India and the Bay of Bengal region starting in June. Additionally the areas of high, year round precipitation resulting in the tropical climates can be seen and easily contrasted with the areas of little to no rain resulting in more arid climates. The global air circulation that results in the precipitation patterns seen in this movie can be seen in the Global Circulation movie.




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