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Information Page: Global wave height

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Global wave heights

Key Attributes

Domain: marine, environmental controls
Keywords: Waves
Name: Albert, Kettner
Where: Global
When: January 2000

Short Description

Grade level: High (9-12), Under graduate (13-16)

Statement: WAVEWATCH III ^TM model animation

Abstract: [[Extended movie description:: The WAVEWATCH III ^TM model simulates ocean waves every 3 hours since 1997 for different regions of the world at different resolutions. The model simulates the following parameters:

    • Wind speed U and V components
    • Significant wave height
    • Peak wave period
    • Peak wave direction
Wave power can be derived from the parameters mentioned above. The zip movie files presented here are an example of the wave height (zipped as rar file) and wave power (zipped as rar file) changes during the year 2000, for the world. Grid resolution: 1 X 1.25 degrees.


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