Modeling course questionnaire form

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Modeling Course Questionnaire Form

Thank you for your willingness to share information about your course!

Your answers below will be valuable in helping CSDMS Integration Facility Staff to develop educational products illustrating the power in coupling earth surface process models. Depending on your answers, we may contact you directly by email for further information about your course; however, rest assured that you will not be placed on any listserves or other automatic mailing lists as a consequence of completing this survey.



{{#input:type=hidden|name=formmailer|value=formmailer}}{{#input:type=hidden|name=title|value=Modeling course questionnaire form_confirmation}}
Basic information
Name of course
(e.g. Modeling of Hydrologic Systems)
{{#input:type=text|name=1. Name of course|size=35|mandatory }}
Department abbreviation and course number
(e.g., CVEN 5363)
{{#input:type=text|name=2. Department abbreviation|size=35}}
Department name
(e.g., Civil Engineering)
{{#input:type=text|name=3. Department name|size=35}}
(e.g., CU Boulder)
{{#input:type=text|name=4. University|size=35}}
Your name{{#input:type=text|name=5. Your name|size=35}}
Your email address{{#input:type=text|name=6. Your email address|size=35}}
Are you the primary instructor?
(If you are not the primary instructor, please list your role in the space to the right)
{{#input:type=radio|name=5a. Primary instructor|value=Yes}}Yes{{#input:type=radio|name=5a. Primary instructor|value=No}}No{{#input:type=text|name=5b. More on primary instructor|size=35}}

When did you last teach this course?
(select all that apply)
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=7. Last teaching course|value=Currently teaching}}Currently teaching

{{#input:type=checkbox|name=7. Last teaching course|value=Taught within the last year}}Taught within the last year
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=7. Last teaching course|value=Taught within the last two years}}Taught within the last two years
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=7. Last teaching course|value=Taught more than two years ago}}Taught more than two years ago

Course level {{#input:type=radio|name=8. Course level|value=Graduate}} Graduate
{{#input:type=radio|name=8. Course level|value=Undergraduate}} Undergraduate
{{#input:type=radio|name=8. Course level|value=Both (cross-listed}} Both (cross-listed)

Course length
{{#input:type=radio|name=9. Course length |value=Semester}} Semester (~16 weeks)

{{#input:type=radio|name=9. Course length|value=Quarter}} Quarter (10-11 weeks)

{{#input:type=radio|name=9. Course length|value=Other}} Other (please specify number of weeks)
{{#input:type=text|name=9a. Course length|size=35}}

If it's an UNDERGRADUATE course, indicate the assigned credit hours:
{{#input:type=radio|name=10. Undergraduate assigned credit hours |value=1}} 1

{{#input:type=radio|name=10. Undergraduate assigned credit hours|value=2}} 2
{{#input:type=radio|name=10. Undergraduate assigned credit hours|value=3}} 3
{{#input:type=radio|name=10. Undergraduate assigned credit hours|value=4}} 4
{{#input:type=radio|name=10. Undergraduate assigned credit hours|value=5}} 5

{{#input:type=radio|name=10. Undergraduate assigned credit hours|value=other}} Other (please specify)
{{#input:type=text|name=10a. other undergraduate credit hours|size=35}}
If it's an UNDERGRADUATE course, approximately how many hours per week do you think students spend for all course-related work (including attending classes and labs, readings, completing assignments, etc.)?

{{#input:type=select|name=11 Undergraduate hours spend in week|

  • 0-3 hours
  • 4-6 hours
  • 7-9 hours
  • 10-12 hours
  • 13-15 hours
  • 16+ hours

If it's a GRADUATE course, indicate the assigned credit hours:
{{#input:type=radio|name=12. Graduate assigned credit hours |value=1}} 1

{{#input:type=radio|name=12. Graduate assigned credit hours|value=2}} 2
{{#input:type=radio|name=12. Graduate assigned credit hours|value=3}} 3
{{#input:type=radio|name=12. Graduate assigned credit hours|value=4}} 4
{{#input:type=radio|name=12. Graduate assigned credit hours|value=5}} 5

{{#input:type=radio|name=12. Graduate assigned credit hours|value=other}} Other (please specify)
{{#input:type=text|name=12a. other graduate credit hours|size=35}}
If it's a GRADUATE course, approximately how many hours per week do you think students spend for all course-related work (including attending classes and labs, readings, completing assignments, etc.)?

{{#input:type=select|name=13 Graduate hours spend in week|

  • 0-3 hours
  • 4-6 hours
  • 7-9 hours
  • 10-12 hours
  • 13-15 hours
  • 16+ hours

(select all that apply)
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=14. Format|value=Lecture}} Lecture

{{#input:type=checkbox|name=14. Format|value=Discussion/Recitation}} Discussion/Recitation
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=14. Format|value=Lab}} Lab
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=14. Format|value=Field}} Field

If your course has a website, please provide the link{{#input:type=text|name=15. URL course|size=35 }}

Course Description
Brief (a few sentences) description of course objectives, learning goals, and content; this can be copied from the university catalog course description. {{#input:type=textarea|cols=35|rows=8|name=16. Course objectives description}}
Please list any course prerequisites
(either specific courses or general skills)
{{#input:type=text|name=17. Course prerequisites|size=35}}
Please list the textbook(s) that are used in this course{{#input:type=textarea|cols=35|rows=8|name=18. Course textbooks}}
Would you be interested in sharing your course syllabus?{{#input:type=radio|name=19. Sharing course syllabus|value=Yes}}Yes{{#input:type=radio|name=19. Sharing course syllabus|value=No}}No

Quantitative Treatment of Earth Surface Processes
Please indicate any software that students use in this course
(select all that apply).
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=20. Used software|value=GIS software}}GIS software
(please specify the software name(s))
{{#input:type=text|name=20a. other GIS software|size=35}}
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=20. Used software|value=HEC software}}HEC software
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=20. Used software|value=Excel or another spreadsheet}}Excel or another spreadsheet
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=20. Used software|value=STELLA}}STELLA
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=20. Used software|value=Other}}Other
(please specify the software name(s))
{{#input:type=text|name=20b. other software|size=35}}

Please indicate any programming language(s) that students use in this course
(select all that apply).
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=21. Programming language|value=C}} C

{{#input:type=checkbox|name=21. Programming language|value=C++ software}} C++
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=21. Programming language|value=Fortran}} Fortran
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=21. Programming language|value=Java}} Java
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=21. Programming language|value=Matlab}} Matlab
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=21. Programming language|value=Python}} Python
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=21. Programming language|value=Visual Basic}} Visual Basic

{{#input:type=checkbox|name=21. Programming language|value=Other}} Other
(please specify the name of the language(s))
{{#input:type=text|name=21a. other program language|size=35}}
Please indicate the type of numerical modeling that students do
(select all that apply).
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=22. Type numerical modeling|value=Use existing code/software}} Use existing code/software
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=22. Type numerical modeling|value=Create new code/software}} Create new code/software
Does this course incorporate analytical solutions or mathematical models?{{#input:type=radio|name=23. Analytical mathematical|value=Yes}}Yes{{#input:type=radio|name=23. Analytical mathematical|value=No}}No
Do the students learn and apply statistical techniques?{{#input:type=radio|name=24. Statistical techniques|value=Yes}}Yes{{#input:type=radio|name=24. Statistical techniques|value=No}}No
Do the students learn and apply GIS or spatial analysis?{{#input:type=radio|name=25. Spatial analysis|value=Yes}}Yes{{#input:type=radio|name=25. Spatial analysis|value=No}}No
Does this course address applied problems?{{#input:type=checkbox|name=26. Applied problems|value=Anthropogenic impacts}} Anthropogenic impacts
(please specify)
{{#input:type=text|name=26a. Specified Anthropogenic impacts|size=35}}
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=26. Applied problems|value=Climate change}} Climate change
(please specify)
{{#input:type=text|name=26b. Specified Climate change|size=35}}
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=26. Applied problems|value=Natural hazards}} Natural hazards
(please specify)
{{#input:type=text|name=26c. Specified Natural hazards|size=35}}
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=26. Applied problems|value=Natural resource management}} Natural resource management
(please specify)
{{#input:type=text|name=26d. Specified Natural resource management|size=35}}
Please briefly list any other details you would like to share about the content of this course.{{#input:type=textarea|cols=35|rows=5||name=27. Content course details shared|size=35}}

Relevance to CSDMS

Please indicate if you think the content of this course would be relevant to any of these CSDMS working groups and/or focus research groups (follow the links to learn more):
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=28. Relevance CSDMS WG/FRG|value=Terrestrial}} Terrestrial

{{#input:type=checkbox|name=28. Relevance CSDMS WG/FRG|value=Coastal}} Coastal
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=28. Relevance CSDMS WG/FRG|value=Marine}} Marine
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=28. Relevance CSDMS WG/FRG|value=Hydrology}} Hydrology
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=28. Relevance CSDMS WG/FRG|value=Carbonate}} Carbonate
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=28. Relevance CSDMS WG/FRG|value=EKT}} Education and Knowledge Transfer (EKT)
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=28. Relevance CSDMS WG/FRG|value=Cyberinformatics}} Cyberinformatics & Numerics
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=28. Relevance CSDMS WG/FRG|value=Chesapeake Bay}} Chesapeake Bay

Would you be interested in using any of the following CSDMS products in your course(s) in the future? (follow the links to learn more)
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=29. Using CSDMS products|value=CMT}} CSDMS Modeling Tool

{{#input:type=checkbox|name=29. Using CSDMS products|value=EKT animations}} EKT animation repository
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=29. Using CSDMS products|value=EKT lab}} EKT lab repository
{{#input:type=checkbox|name=29. Using CSDMS products|value=EKT lecture}} EKT lecture repository

{{#input:type=checkbox|name=29. Using CSDMS products|value=EKT textbook}} EKT textbook repository

If you plan to use CSDMS products in your course, would you be willing to administer before and after evaluations to assess student learning?
{{#input:type=radio|name=30. administer before after evaluations|value=Yes}}Yes{{#input:type=radio|name=30. administer before after evaluations|value=No}}No
Please provide suggestions on how you think CSDMS products could more effectively help you achieve your instructional goals. {{#input:type=textarea|cols=35|rows=8|name=31. Suggestions}}
Please indicate if you have modeling simulations, labs, lectures, textbooks, or images that you would like to contribute to our portal Education and Knowledge Transfer repository (follow the link to see examples of these items in our repository).{{#input:type=radio|name=32. contribute|value=Yes}}Yes{{#input:type=radio|name=32. contribute|value=No}}No
If you responded YES to the above question, then please briefly describe these resources using the space provided to the right. {{#input:type=textarea|cols=35|rows=8|name=32a. contribute text}}

{{#input:type=submit|value=SUBMIT course survey}}