Modeling course questionnaire

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Modeling course survey

The CSDMS Integration Facility is interested in making our products and tools accessible to the college classroom. To help us understand the needs of both instructors and students in undergraduate and graduate courses, we are gathering information about how surface process modeling is currently being taught. We have already reviewed the course catalogs of 36 universities in the U.S. and identified CSDMS-relevant courses in a range of departments (get the report here).

We would appreciate direct feedback from instructors to supplement and verify these results as we continue to expand our educational and modeling tools. Ultimately, one of our goals is to provide user-friendly, hands-on modeling exercises using the CSDMS Modeling Tool and the CSDMS High Performance Computing Cluster. Course instructors can then easily adopt these exercises for their own earth surface processes courses.

If you currently teach or have recently taught a course that incorporates some quantitative study of earth surface processes, please take the time to complete our brief survey. Even if those processes are not currently addressed in the CSDMS model, data, or educational repositories, we are still interested in learning about your course. The survey should take about ~20 minutes for EACH course you choose to share information about. The results will be most useful if you can complete as many questions as possible.

After completing the survey, please contact Maureen Berlin or Irina Overeem if you have questions or would like direct feedback once we compile the survey results.

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