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This Program is used to calculate the Rouse-Vanoni profile of suspended sediment.

Model introduction

This model is working as a profile calculator for Rouse-Vanoni Equilibrium Suspended Sediment.

Model parameters

Parameter Description Unit
Input directory path to input files
Site prefix Site prefix for Input/Output files
Case prefix Case prefix for Input/Output files
Parameter Description Unit
non-dimensional distance from the bed non-dimensional height in the water column -
vs settling velocity settling velocity of the particles cm / s
u* shear velocity m / s
Parameter Description Unit
Model name name of the model -
Author name name of the model author -

Uses ports

This will be something that the CSDMS facility will add

Provides ports

This will be something that the CSDMS facility will add

Main equations

  • Non-dimensional expression of the Rouse-Vanoni profile
[math]\displaystyle{ {\frac{c}{c_{b}}} = \left ( {\frac{\left ( 1 - \zeta \right ) / \zeta}{\left ( 1 - \zeta \right ) / \zeta _{b} }}\right ) ^ {\frac{V_{s}}{\kappa u_{*}}} }[/math] (1)
  • Vertical coordinate in the cross section
[math]\displaystyle{ \zeta = {\frac{z}{H}} }[/math] (2)
  • Position near the bed surface where the volume concentration of suspended sediment is equals to cb
[math]\displaystyle{ \zeta _{b} = {\frac{b}{H}} }[/math] (3)
  • Concentration of suspended sediment in the water column at ζ=ζb averaged over turbulence
[math]\displaystyle{ c_{b} = E }[/math] (4)


To compute the equilibrium profile the user can choose between:

a) the grid of the excel workbook RTe-bookRouseSpreadsheetFun.xls. This grid has 22 points in the vertical direction. The lowest 19 are equally spaced between z = b and z = b + 18(1-b)/19. The upper three points are located at z = 0.98, z = 0.995 and z = 1, where the concentration of suspended sediment goes to zero.

b) an equally spaced grid with a user specified number of points in the vertical.


An example run with input parameters, BLD files, as well as a figure / movie of the output

Follow the next steps to include images / movies of simulations:

See also: Help:Images or Help:Movies


Gary Parker


Dietrich, E. W., 1982, Settling velocity of natural particles, Water Resources Research, 18 (6), 1626-1982.