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The CSDMS Help System


~3lines that describe the module

Model introduction

Introduction to the module

Model parameters

Parameter Description Unit
Input directory Paths to input files -
Site prefix Site prefix for input/output files -
Case prefix Case prefix for input/output files -
Parameter Description Unit
Run duraction simulation run time years
Parameter Description Unit
Type of uplift 0 = none; 1 = uniform; 2 = block -
Duration of uplift years
Uplift rate m / yr
Subsidence rate m / yr
Position of fault m
Parameter Description Unit
SubaqueousErosion port use the SubaqueousErosion provides port -
Parameter Description Unit
Width of grid in x-direction m
Width of grid in y-direction m
Mean distance between grid nodes m
Parameter Description Unit
Output directory path to output grid files -
Interval between output files -
File format format for output files -
elevation file output file prefix for variable -
erosion file output file prefix for variable -
discharge file output file prefix for variable -
sediment file output file prefix for variable -

Uses ports

This will be something that the CSDMS facility will add

Provides ports

This will be something that the CSDMS facility will add

Main equations

A list of the key equations. HTML format is supported; latex format will be supported in the future


Any notes, comments, you want to share with the user

Numerical scheme


An example run with input parameters, BLD files, as well as a figure / movie of the output

Follow the next steps to include images / movies of simulations:

See also: Help:Images or Help:Movies


Name of the module developer(s)


Key papers


Any link, eg. to the model questionnaire, etc.