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===Upcoming Meetings and Workshops===
=Relevant meetings for the CSDMS community=
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For information on previous meetings, see '''[[Past_Meetings|Past meetings presented per event]]''', or {{#queryformlink:form=Presentations|link text=Select previous presentations}}
      Feb. 27-29, 2008, Community Sediment Model for Carbonate Systems, Golden, CO
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      Aug. 15-18, 2008, SEPM Research Conference. Clinoform sedimentary deposits: The processes producing them and the stratigraphy defining them, Rock Springs, WY
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Working Group Meetings
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      February 4-5, 2008, Cyberinformatics and Numerics WG startup meeting , Boulder, CO - Download the Cyberinformatics WG Agenda (PDF)
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    * March 8, 2008, Coastal WG startup meeting, Orlando, FL
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    * March 8, 2008, Marine WG startup meeting, Orlando, FL
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Steering committee meetings
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Executive committee meetings
Related meetings

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Relevant meetings for the CSDMS community

For information on previous meetings, see Past meetings presented per event, or Select previous presentations