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Feedbacks among climate, erosion and tectonics
Corvallis Oregon, United States
21 - 28 July 2017

To participate in FACET II, please complete and submit application form (link) between 3/10 – 3/31/17. Successful applications will be notified in mid April. Registration will open in April.


The recognition that climatically modulated erosion governs the geodynamic evolution of active mountain ranges remains one of the most transformative conceptual shifts in the geosciences in the past few decades. Despite much progress, the nature of interactions among processes operating in the fluid and solid earth, the strength of these interactions, and how they are manifest in Earth’s topography remain poorly understood. This workshop builds on a recent community efforts to take stock of the state of understanding of coupled orogenic-climate systems and to define a research agenda that will enable the next generation of studies into these complex systems.