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Postdoc in fluvial sedimentology at Indiana University
Indiana University, Indiana, United States
Apply before: 1 March 2024

I am looking to hire a postdoc in my group in the broad area of fluvial sedimentology. This person will work on projects related to floodplain sedimentation/erosion and dynamics of oxbow lake formation (projects described in more detail here: Projects will involve some combination of field work, remote sensing, drone-based lidar collection & processing, or morphodynamic modeling. Deadline for application is March 1, 2024 and start date is negotiable. If you are interested in the position and want to learn more, please contact me so we can meet at AGU or set up a zoom conversation. Here is the full ad:


Indiana University; Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Boyce Chair & Director of Graduate Studies
1001 E. 10th St. Bloomington, IN, 47401

Of interest for:
  • Terrestrial Working Group