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Postdoc Position Water Permafrost Interactions in Poland
Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences, , Poland
Apply before: 15 February 2023

We would like to attract your attention to a 3-year Postdoc position related to *water – permafrost interactions*.

The candidate will join the group implementing the project NCN SONATA BIS "Applied remote sensing and geophysical imaging in recognition of the changes of the water balance in High Arctic catchments" at the Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences.

It is planned to use cryo-hydro-geological models for a better understanding of processes linking hydrology and permafrost under varying climatic conditions.

Qualifications required for the PhD position in Earth Sciences:

  • A PhD degree in Earth Sciences or related field obtained within the last 7 years.
  • Expertise in permafrost and hydrology, and the ability to work partially in the Arctic.
  • Familiarity with hydrological measurements, geophysical methods, programming (MATLAB, R, Python), and GIS software (ArcGIS).
  • Experience in cryo-hydro-geological modeling (e.g. CryoGRID, Advanced Terrestrial Simulator).
  • Fluency in English for presenting results at international conferences, effective communication, and writing scientific papers.
  • A record of outstanding scientific achievements.
  • Strong motivation for scientific work.

Conditions of employment:

  1. The amount of funds for employment is PLN 10,000 gross / month (which is approximately PLN 6,000 net)
  2. Stage dimension: full time
  3. Employment period - 36 months
  4. Employment is planned from 1st of March 2023
  5. According to the NCN conditions, during the employment period, a post-doc may not receive any other remuneration from the NCN funds.

More information on the positions and how to apply:

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions.

Best regards,
Marzena Osuch and Tomarz Wawrzyniak

Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences

Of interest for:
  • Terrestrial Working Group