Hydrology FRG 2009

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CSDMS Hydrology Focus Research Group meeting , January 20-21, 2009

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Date: January 20-21, 2009
Location: University of Colorado at Boulder (CO), USA


This will be the first meeting of the CSDMS Hydrology Focus Research Group (CHFRG). The goals of the meeting are to begin assessing the hydrologic modeling needs of CSDMS, to work with CSDMS Executive Committee, Working Groups and other Focus Research Groups to determine how these can be met, and to begin coordinating linkages between CHFRG activities and other community efforts such as those at NCAR, USGS, CUAHSI, etc.


Registration is closed since January 12, 2009.

Personal invitations have been sent to specific CSDMS members with expertise in these areas to contribute to the discussion and planning of short- and long-term goals.

Circulars and Program

The Hydrology Focus Research Group will meet for 1 1/2 days.

Please visit this link for the working agenda:

Working Agenda - as of 11.13.08 (PDF)


Famiglietti, Jay Status of Community Hydrologic Modeling Platform (CHyMP) activities
Hooper, Rick CUAHSI After 5 years: Overview and Plans
Syvitski, James CSDMS overview
Tarboton, David Overview of HIS
Tucker, Greg Overview of Terrestrial Working Group Activities