Estuaries 2007

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Mechanisms of Sediment Retention in Estuaries

Date: September 23 to 25, 2007 Estuaries Poster.gif
Location: Boulder, Colorado, USA
Agenda: Agenda as pdf


Amos, Carl Capabilities of models in assessing sediment accumulation, transport, and erosion in estuaries on different time and space
Depetris, Pedro Sediment processes in tidal river basins and wetlands under human alteration
Milliman, John Introduction to group discussion
Milliman, John Climate impacts on discharge: An overview
Pejrup, Morten Biological factors responsible for sediment trapping in estuaries
Perillo, Gerardo The impact of tidal pumping, turbidity maxima, & density gradients on sediment retention in estuaries
Saito, Yoshi Morphodynamics and evolution of estuaries in response to climate and anthropogenic forcing
Syvitski, James CSDMS introduction
Syvitski, James Geology, Geography, and Humans Battle for Dominance over the Delivery of Fluvial Sediment to the Coastal Ocean
Syvitski, James Near Term Sea Level Change on Sediment Retention in Estuaries

Group discussion reports

Presented by Title Download
Maria Snoussi Discussion notes Sunday morning session pdf
Marek Zajaczkowski Discussion notes Sunday afternoon session I pdf
Irina Overeem Discussion notes Sunday afternoon session II pdf
Eric Wolanski Discussion introduction Monday morning pdf
Yoshi Saito Discussion notes Monday afternoon session I pdf
Scott Peckham Discussion introduction Monday afternoon session II pdf
By Gerardo Perillo Summary of the workshop pdf

Workshop Output:
Output of the workshop is published in the free downloadable LOICZ news letter 2007/3.