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| background_color = #F5F5F5
| background_color = #F5F5F5
| title = Chairs
| title = Chairs
| image_chair_1 = Wei_luo_1.png
| image_chair_1 = Kehui Kevin Xu (1).jpg
| name_chair_1 = Wei Luo
| name_chair_1 = Kehui Kevin Xu
| inst_chair_1 = Northern Illinois University  
| inst_chair_1 = Louisiana State University  
| dep_chair_1 = Department of Geography
| dep_chair_1 = Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
| email_chair_1 = wluo@niu.edu
| email_chair_1 = kxu@lsu.edu

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Kehui Kevin Xu (1).jpg

Kehui Kevin Xu
Louisiana State University
Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences