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References DeltaSIM

Overeem, I.; Veldkamp, A.; Tebbens, L.; Kroonenberg, S.B.; 2003. Modelling Holocene stratigraphy and depocentre migration of the Volga delta due to Caspian Sea-level change. Sedimentary Geology, 159, 159–175. 10.1016/S0037-0738(02)00257-9
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2003Model overview 25
Hoogendoorn, R.M.; 2006. The impact of changes in sediment supply and sea-level on fluvio-deltaic stratigraphy.. , , .
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2006Model overview 6
Begum, Selina; Stive, Marcel J. F.; Hall, Jim W.; Hoogendoorn, R.M.; Weltje, G.J.; 2007. A Stochastic Model for Simulating Long Time Series of River-Mouth Discharge and Sediment Load. In: (eds.)Flood Risk Management in Europe.. 311–331.
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2007Model overview 6
Hoogendoorn, Robert M.; Overeem, Irina; Storms, Joep E.A.; 2008. Process-response modelling of fluvio-deltaic stratigraphy. Computers & Geosciences, 34, 1394–1416. 10.1016/j.cageo.2008.02.006
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Model overview

Overeem, I.; Kroonenberg, S.B.; Veldkamp, A.; Groenesteijn, K.; Rusakov, G.V.; Svitoch, A.A.; 2003. Small-scale stratigraphy in a large ramp delta: recent and Holocene sedimentation in the Volga delta, Caspian Sea. Sedimentary Geology, 159, 133–157. 10.1016/S0037-0738(02)00256-7
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