Data TWG-subgroup

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Data Terrestrial Subgroup

Group description

The Data Terrestrial Subgroup was formed to address the long-term goal identified at the CSDMS 2.0 meeting of comparing models and data.

Tasks include development of CSDMS Datasets for model testing, validation, etc., organized by research area, and listed under two categories:

  1. Existing data, properly formatted and documented; and
  2. Desired data critical for CSDMS objectives, flagging up data products that should be obtained (either newly measured or distilled from existing field/lab datasets).

Includes populating CSDMS web site with data from natural or anthropogenic experiments in a common, consistent format.

How to Contribute

  1. Suggest dataset/model pairs for further integration


  1. Data Rescue Challenge: an award created to improve preservation and access of research data, particularly of dark data, and share the varied ways that these data are being processed, stored, and used. Deadline: October 13, 2013