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{{Dataset availability
{{Dataset availability
|Data download link=
|Data download link=
|Data source link=
|Data source link=

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Experimentalist Data Catalog dataset information page

Short Description

Sediment Experimentalist Network data catalog

Statement: Experimental datasets offered by the Sediment Experimentalist Network

Abstract: The Data Catalog is a place to discover experimental datasets. Here, you can find metadata (following standardized Dublin Core guidelines) to maximize discoverability of your experimental datasets or use search for existing datasets based on metadata categories.

Data format

Data type: Surface properties
Data origin: Measured
Data format: GeoTIFF, BIL, MrSID, ArcExport, Shapefile, DXF, KML, KMZ, NetCDF, GRD98, Binary, SDTS, ASCII, CSV
Other format: Many different data formats
Data resolution: Mostly experiments done in the lab, often very detailed monitored

Data Coverage

Spatial data coverage: Lab scale
Temporal data coverage: Time series
Time period covered: N/A


Download data:
Data source: