Carbonate FRG 2009

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CSDMS Carbonate Focus Research Group meeting , January 26-27, 2009

Carbonate FRG meeting.png
Date: January 26-27, 2009
Location: University of Colorado at Boulder (CO), USA


The Carbonate Focused Research Group (C-FRG) is part of the Community Surface Dynamic Modeling System program. C-FRG is one of several sub-groups within CSDMS and is tasked to make progress addressing the grand challenges for fundamental research on ancient and modern carbonate systems. The plan is to accomplish this through creation of the next generation of numerical carbonate process models under the umbrella of the CSDMS initiative. The models we develop will be both a repository for state-of-the-art knowledge on carbonate systems and a spur to collect, analyse and interpret data on carbonate systems.


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Circulars and Program

The specific purpose of this meeting is to start the carbonate focused research group research programme by doing two things:

  1. Preparing one or more draft proposal to NSF to fund research programs focused on development of next-generation carbonate numerical forward models. Although the focus of these proposals will be model development, the proposed work could also cover aspects of data gathering, concept development, and quantitative analysis of modern and ancient carbonates to support generation of meaningful, useful models; and
  2. Deciding on the best structure and working practices for the group to achieve the stated aims.

The C-FRG will meet for 1 1/2 days.




Burgess, Peter Opening meeting
Burgess, Peter Summary of the February 2008 meeting
Jenkins, Chris Introduction to dbSEABED
Syvitski, James CSDMS overview

Document generated after the meeting:

Author Title Download
Peter Burgess & Rick Sarg Carbonate Workbench, Executive Summary doc | pdf