2019 CSDMS meeting-086

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Estimation of soil properties by coupled inversion of geophysical and hydrothermal data

Elchin Jafarov, Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos New Mexico, United States. elchin@lanl.gov

Observations of the spatial and temporal evolution of thaw and soil moisture changes are needed to understand thermo-hydrologic dynamics in periglacial regions and to inform models that forecast changes in the Arctic. However, obtaining spatially and temporally distributed observations in the Arctic is difficult. Here we develop and investigate the use and accuracy of the parameter estimation algorithm in recovering soil physical properties. We tested our parameter estimation (PE) approach with synthetic data from a continuously modeled electric resistivity tomography transect and co-located synthetic temperature and soil moisture data. The results indicate that developed PE approach is able to identify synthetic porosities and thermal conductivities.