Why vote for model incorporation


Why vote to incorporate a model in CMT?

CSDMS Integration Facility (CSDMS=IF) goal is to add as many models to CMT as possible. However, CSDMS-IF has only limited resources, so we need to decide which models to incorporate into CMT first. That is why we would like to get your input! Through the voting process we like to get feedback from the community to determine which models we should prioritize.
So please vote!

How to vote

Voting is very easy, and done in a 2 steps:

1. Login to the wiki (why?) Example:
2. Select a model page that is listed in the CSDMS model repository (left column, click on the model name). Then, slide over the colored scale bar. Clicking on a position on the bar determines your vote. A 100% vote means that you can not wait to see this model incorporated into the CMT, and obviously 0% means that you have no interest in using this model through the CMT. We recommend that you only vote for the models that you think are important to be coupled. {{#w4grb_rate:}}

Some voting rules

The voting system is set up such that you can only vote once for each model. However, you can change your vote any time you want up to the point where CSDMS-IF starts adding the model to CMT. If you want to change your vote, just make sure you are logged in to the wiki and click on the colored voting scale bar again to change your vote.

Where can you see the voting results?

Your vote will be added to all the other votes for that model, and will appear in the CSDMS model repository overview underVoting results. The value displayed is the total fraction and the number of votes in brackets behind it.

When is the model added

CSDMS-IF will add a model with the highest vote to CMT as soon as possible, but some models take more time than others, so please be patient. Click on the hourglass () to see the progress of a selected model for CMT use.

Forgot your login name?

Forgot your login name? No worries, here are a few ways to recover your login name:

    1. Brows here through the usernames, or
    2. Search on First and or Last name
    3. Email csdmsweb@colorado.edu to retrieve your username

You can recover your password once you have your login name. Just go to the login page, fill out your user name and click on "E-mail new password".

Why do I need to login to vote?

Voting is restricted only to members of CSDMS, they are the community that CSDMS-IF serves! Only CSDMS members have a login to the CSDMS website, so nobody else can vote to get a model or module into CMT. Secondly, CSDMS members can only give one vote per model or module. The website keeps track of the one vote per member per model rule, but therefore you need to login.